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The Lactation Center

Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s Lactation Center is designed to ensure breastfeeding mothers have all the support they need, especially after coming home from the hospital. Our lactation consultants visit with all breastfeeding mothers in the hospital after their deliveries and offer them the opportunity for a follow-up visit during their first week home or as desired or needed.

The Lactation Center also sells a line of maternity/nursing clothes that can be worn during pregnancy and then are specially designed to assist with nursing after delivery.

Supplies & Resources

In addition to breastfeeding consultations, the Lactation Center provides a place for mothers to purchase breastfeeding supplies such as breast pumps, nursing bras, stools, pillows and collection and storage bags. Breastfeeding mothers also have the option to rent breast pumps as well as infant scales. With each breast pump sale or rental, our lactation consultants provide individual instruction to ensure mothers are able to use it correctly.

The Lactation Center even offers a Gift Registry so expecting mothers can register for the nursing supplies they will need after delivery.

The Lactation Center is located in the Essentially for Women building at 825-A Jesse Jewell Parkway, in front of the Medical Center’s Main Campus. For more information, call 770-219-7574.


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