About the program

Cancer survival has improved over the years due to newer and better forms of treatment with chemotherapy and radiation. When treating cancer, some of the treatments may cause lasting damage to your heart, which can weaken it or cause abnormal heart rhythms. The goal of Georgia Heart Institute’s Cardio-Oncology Program is to help you complete your cancer treatment without developing such damage. We combine advanced cardiac imaging and protocols for early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cardio-toxicity. We work very closely as a team with your oncologist and our care does not interrupt your cancer therapy.

About our team

The Cardio-Oncology team at Georgia Heart Institute helps patients beat cancer while maintaining a healthy heart by providing specialized care before, during and after cancer treatment.

What they do

  • Optimizes care by collaborating with GHI’s cardiac imaging, radiation oncology and various medical oncology teams
  • Evaluates a patient’s risk for developing heart disease and cardio-toxicity resulting from cancer therapies
  • Develops ways to protect a patient’s heart from cardio-toxicity resulting from cancer therapies
  • Monitors treatment strategies and coordinates long-term, follow-up care