UnitedHealthcare Negotiations Update

Our Latest Update:

January 25, 2024

We’ve committed to being transparent and providing updates about our negotiations with UnitedHealthcare (United) since they forced NGHS out of network – for patients with commercial insurance – back in May 2023, so it’s important that we let you know negotiations have ceased. This is not the outcome we want for our patients, but United’s senior leaders will not return our calls and refuse to talk with NGHS’ executive leadership. We have no choice but to focus our efforts now on clearly communicating and helping patients who are impacted in the limited ways we can.

We understand the anxiety United’s lack of cooperation has caused during these negotiations, and we appreciate your support while we were seeking a fair agreement. Many of the local businesses that previously offered employees insurance through United changed their offerings, and many of the patients who could make a change during open enrollment have done so. We know it wasn’t easy to make those changes, and we are grateful for their loyalty. We’re proud of the strong relationships we’ve developed with other health insurance companies and the new areas of collaboration that are being explored. We’re still focused on growing to meet your needs despite this situation with United – and we will continue to work to support that growth and the people who are impacted.

Listen to Steve McNeilly give an update on the state of NGHS and United Healthcare negotiations.

The Real Truth

Make sure you know the whole truth behind the claims UnitedHealthcare is making.

What You Can Do

Get tips for ways you can prepare for the possibility of an out-of-network period – including links to download Continuity of Care forms to complete with your physician.

A Letter from a Leading Physician

Antonio Rios, MD, Chief of Population Health at NGMC, provides a doctor’s take on what the negotiation means for our community.

Still Have Questions?

We understand the anxiety United’s lack of cooperation has caused, and have gathered answers to some of the most common questions for you.

Add Your Voice

This is what one patient wrote to UnitedHealthcare, and you can add your voice too.

To the UHC CEO, Eastern Region:

Something has happened which needs your immediate attention.  It is my understanding that UHC refuses to negotiate, in good faith, with the non-profit Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) and its outstanding doctors which are part of Northeast Georgia Physicians Group (NGPG.) This health system is the backbone of our community, and all of northeast Georgia.  They are a philanthropic group which gives back to the community in many ways, and is eagerly supported by the members of this community.  They have provided healthcare for the northeast Georgia region for 70 years.

To hear that UHC “has not been responsive to our (NGHS’) proposals and has not engaged with us in any meaningful way” is heart breaking!  I hope this is not true. To voice our concern with this lack of mediation, my husband who is a retired Senior Partner with Deloitte has written letters to the CEO and Chairman of the Board of UHC. And as the UHC CEO for the eastern region, I believe you will find it unacceptable that all other insurance companies have negotiated contracts with NGPG, but not UHC.

“We, the people” need to start working on unity rather than division in our businesses and in our country.  In this case, there needs to be discourse to find common ground and develop a solution that is a win-win for both parties involved.   It is time to start saying we can make this work, rather than accepting failure.  As Americans, we are better than that.  Even in the title of the company, it says UNITED Healthcare.  Does UHC mean that, or is it just a joke?  Do you care about your customers and their health needs, or is it just a tag line full of vapor?  Negotiation is hard, and it takes two parties that are committed to working together to find the answer.  Is UHC committed to trying to make this work, or is there only one interested party at the table?

We all need some good news.  We all need to see that people can unify for a common purpose.  I look forward to hearing what progress UHC is making in providing a solution with the premier health care provider in our area, NGHS.

P. Hilton