Family Support Resources

We know it’s not easy when your loved one is sick. That’s why Northeast Georgia Health System provides resources and support for the families of our patients.

Stay in Touch with your Loved One

Before traveling to Northeast Georgia Medical Center to visit your loved one, review our Visitation Guidelines.

The Patient Connection team is available every day from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. to help you:

  1. Schedule a virtual visit with your loved one
  2. Request an update on their treatment and progress from their care team

Call 770-219-9030 to reach the Patient Connection team.

In addition, our team will:

  1. Deliver phone chargers as well as comfort and care items from home.
  2. Deliver care packages, mail and flowers to patients, so they know loved ones are thinking of them.

Pastoral Care Services

No matter your faith, our chaplains are available to you at home and your loved ones in our care.

Advance Care Planning

Right now, many people are feeling unprepared and worried about the future. The good news is there are things you can do from your own home to ease that worry during this time. Our Respecting Choices team can help you and your loved ones make crucial decisions so we can respect your wishes.

Hospice of Northeast Georgia Medical Center

If you prefer to care for your loved one at home so you can spend the last moments together in a familiar space, our Hospice team provides in-home care during this time. Please call Hospice of NGMC at 770-219-0276 to discuss your family’s best options.

Each hospice staff member is screened for health before each shift and is following strict sanitization guidelines to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Next Steps

Find an emotional support system

This is someone who can sit with hard feelings like sadness without trying to fix them or offer platitudes. This person can help with difficult decisions like those funeral arrangements or help make calls to people to inform them of the death, so you don’t have to keep telling the same story.

Find a practical support system

This is someone supportive who can get things done. They might not be great with emotions, but they will make sure the dog gets fed, the trash gets taken out, your loved one’s belongings get secured, etc.

Coordinate with local funeral services

As you begin to deal with grief, contacting a funeral home may become the next most present need. Hall County and surrounding areas have myriad funeral homes that would be honored to help. Northeast Georgia Health System is coordinating with many of those local funeral homes to find ways to best serve you during this time.

Grief Support Services

We would be honored to walk with you, your family and your loved ones through this difficult time. Northeast Georgia Medical Center has licensed and trained professionals as well as volunteers to help navigate these experiences.

Our Grief Support Services offer groups for adults, as well as teens and children. If one of these groups don’t fit your needs, or if you simply need to talk through your options, call 770-219-0276.

  1. Grief 101 – A one-time education session for those who have experienced a recent loss or for friends and family members of a person dealing with grief.
  2. General support groups – Open to anyone who has experienced a close, personal loss of a friend or loved one. Groups meet weekly for six weeks and are facilitated by a licensed social worker.
  3. Special topic groups – We periodically offer special groups that approach grief and mourning in non-traditional ways – walking, journaling, scrapbooking and more.