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call 770-534-2020

We’re here, so you can be there.

The future of heart care.
We’re leading Georgia there.

You’ve got a lot of reasons to be there. That’s why we’re here at Georgia Heart Institute, where our breakthroughs in artificial intelligence could accurately model and predict future heart problems decades in advance.

So you can make plans today to be exactly where you’re needed tomorrow.

Leading the way in heart care in Georgia means working to prevent heart disease before it starts. Our Center for Cardiovascular Prevention, Metabolism & Lipids uses a comprehensive approach to include primary prevention, lipid therapy and cardiometabolic therapy.

We care for patients to get ahead of heart disease and prevent it before it starts. Book an appointment with one of our cardiologists to start your heart care journey.

Our multidisciplinary care team includes the full range of heart and vascular services to keep your heart at its healthiest, from preventing heart disease by identifying it in its earliest stages, to offering advanced minimally invasive structural heart procedures.

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