MyChart Messaging

Messaging in MyChart can be a convenient way to get non-urgent medical advice from providers with whom you are a current patient. Messages can be sent at any time and are generally responded to within three business days, depending on volume.

If your situation requires immediate attention, please call your provider’s office or dial 911 if it is an emergency. 

Most of these messages are free. However, starting June 11, 2023, responses that require more than 5 minutes of your provider’s clinical time and medical expertise to answer may be billed to your insurance and incur an out-of-pocket cost based on your insurance company’s guidelines.

What to expect if your message is billed to insurance:

If your message is billed to insurance, you may not be charged at all, or you may see an out-of-pocket cost ranging from $3 to $130 depending on copay, coinsurance and deductible. Self-pay rates range from $35 to $126. The dollar amount a provider bills is based on the amount of time spent reviewing the medical record and providing advice. Providers can only bill for messages that require 5 minutes or more.

Not Likely to Incur a Charge

Examples of messages that are not medical advice and are not likely to incur a charge include:

  • Request for a prescription refill
  • Request to schedule an appointment
  • Message that leads your provider to recommend a visit
  • Follow-up care related to a recent surgery (within the past 90 days) – with exceptions for some surgeries
  • Update for your doctor when no response is needed
  • Message that takes only a few minutes to answer

May Incur a Charge

Examples of medical advice messaging that may incur a charge include:

  • A new issue or symptom requiring medical assessment or referral
  • Adjusting medications
  • Chronic disease management
  • Flare-up or change in chronic condition
  • Request to complete a form

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