Pre-Operative Education Class

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Our Philosophy

Research and best practices evidence suggests that when patients are informed and have an understanding of what to expect from a total joint replacement surgery, they have clearer expectations and goals, play a more active role in their recovery and often have better outcomes. Our goal at the Joint Care Center is to provide a learning environment for the patient and their designated "coach" to learn what to expect before, during and after joint replacement surgery.

The Joint Care Center uses a team approach for treatment and rehabilitation after hip and knee replacement surgery, but we believe you, the patient, are the most important and integral part of the team. Ensuring that you are well informed and cared for at every step along the way to recovery is the primary focus of our program.

Pre-Surgical Education Class

A special class is held weekly for patients scheduled for joint surgery. A Joint Care Representative will schedule this class for you 2-3 weeks before your surgery. During this class, have a chance to ask our Joint Care Team any questions you may have.  The class covers the following topics:

  • Joint disease
  • What to expect
  • The role of your "coach" or caregiver
  • Meet the Joint Replacement Team
  • Tour the Joint Care Center
  • Learn breathing exercises and ready pre-surgery exercises
  • Learn about assistive equipment and joint protection
  • Cover discharge planning, including insurance and obtaining equipment
  • Complete pre-surgical paperwork

Patients are also given a comprehensive, patient-friendly guidebook that helps educates them on the entire hip and knee replacement process. The guide explains how to prepare for:

  • the pre-operative hospital visit
  • surgery
  • what exercises to perform prior to and after surgery
  • the post-operative care process
  • how to care for your joint replacement while recovering at home

Who Can Attend

Patients scheduled for surgery at the Joint Care Center will be asked to attend one education class 2-3 weeks before surgery. We strongly suggest you bring a family member or friend to act as your "coach."

Contact the Joint Care Center Coordinator:  770-848-1380  

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