VOX OrthoCare

“The OrthoCare Program empowers the patient and caregivers to be an active partner in their episode of care resulting in greatly improved outcomes and patient experience.”

What is Vox?

VOX is an online patient portal integrated with NGHS’s Epic platform to facilitate pre- and post-op education, streamlined communication and coordination to help patients feel more prepared and connected throughout their surgical journey. NGMC’s VOX portal is completely customized to our program and allows patients to easily communicate with their nurse navigators and surgeon. This tool allows our patients to take ownership of their surgical experience and manage their transition to recovery.    

Vox OrthoCare

How does it work?

Upon scheduling your surgery, you will be automatically enrolled in VOX OrthoCare and will receive an email or phone call to activate your account. Once your account is created, you will gain access to the portal’s program features.

Benefits of using VOX

  • Access to educational videos and articles specific to your procedure, including exercises and pain management tools
  • Access to information on preoperative and postoperative expectations and reminders
  • Access to your individual patient care plan
  • Provides direct communication with your surgeon and nurse navigator

Why use VOX?

With Multi-device functionality, the VOX portal creates a “closed-loop” environment for patients. Engaging patients in the earlier phases of care, facilitates better coordination, enhances patient experiences, and improves overall outcomes. Dedicated to keeping our patients happy and healthy, the Orthopedic team at NGHS encourages you to engage with VOX OrthoCare and have an impact on your journey to recovery.