Northeast Georgia Medical Center uses Stereotaxis Odyssey network

Published on July 08, 2008
Physicians and staff at Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s (NGMC) Electrophysiology Lab participated in the State of the Art in Electrical Treatments of Arrhythmias conference in Milan, Italy, July 1 and 2 using its Stereotaxis Odyssey network.

The Stereotaxis Niobe magnetic navigation system uses powerful magnets to guide catheters through a patient’s heart for precise and accurate electrophysiology procedures, such as cardiac ablation. Cardiac ablation is used to correct abnormal heart rhythms. The Odyssey network is an overlay system that allows EP labs to link over a secure connection for real-time demonstration of cases, education, collaboration and consultation. NGMC is the only hospital in Georgia to have a Stereotaxis Niobe magnetic navigation system and one of only a handful of facilities in the world to use the Odyssey network.

The State of the Art in Electrical Treatments of Arrhythmias conference is hosted by Carlo Pappone, MD, of the Academy of Arrhythmology at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Italy.

"This is very exciting for us," explains Tom Edwards, director of Cardiac Services at NGMC. "Dr. Pappone, who is a world-renowned electrophysiologist, has invited us to participate in this conference. We’re so far ahead of the curve in respect to what we do that our doctors are being sought to teach other doctors around the world about this new technology."

During the conference on July 1, Joon Ahn, MD, of Northeast Georgia Heart Center, PC, performed a cardiac ablation on a patient at NGMC which was broadcast live over the Odyssey network to the lab in Milan, where an audience of physicians from around the world watched.

"At the conference, we were educating doctors about this new technology and how we use it," Dr. Ahn says. "It’s good for the hospital to have collaboration with a world-renowned lab, and it advances the technology in using the Stereotaxis magnetic navigation system. This is just the beginning. It opens up so many possibilities."

Karthik Ramaswamy, MD, FACC, medical director of NGMC’s EP Lab, was in Milan during the conference as a guest presenter.

"Participating in this conference at this level demonstrates that we’re on the cutting edge of EP. We are collaborating with the world’s best in ablation, and we’re contributing to other doctors’ education. They want to learn our technique," Dr. Ramaswamy says. "The Odyssey system augments our Stereotaxis magnetic navigation, which we already know is better and safer for our patients."
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