NGHS Board Policy 0-060

B. NGHS Board Policy 0-060 Policy

NGHS Board and Policy Committee policy # 0-060 Program for Protection of Human Subjects- Institutional Review Board, establishing a program of protection for human subjects in research, reads:

The protection of all human subjects participating in research is important to the board, administration, staff and patients at Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS).

The NGHS Program for the Protection of Human Subjects is authorized by the NGHS Board of Directors and Administration. The program is responsible for:

  • Maintaining full compliance with federal and state requirements; and,
  • Assuring those basic ethical principles relevant to research involving human subjects is maintained.

This program is accomplished primarily through the activities of the Institutional Review Board.

All research involving humans as subjects conducted at or under the auspices of NGHS is subject to the Program for Protection of Human Subjects and the policies and procedures established and implemented by the NGHS Institutional Review Board.

The IRB is to review any research activities submitted to it by NGHS investigators to determine, using reasonable judgment and good will and following the ethical principles and regulatory standards discussed in these policies and procedures, that the rights and welfare of the future human participants of the research will be protected. The IRB functions independently of but in coordination with other committees. However, the IRB makes its independent determination whether to approve or disapprove research proposals based upon whether or not human participants are adequately protected.

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