Mission Statement and Brief History

We Value

  • the philosophy that all humans have equal worth.
    warm, caring comfort for those we serve.
  • holistic care of mind, body and spirit.
  • the physical and emotional well-being of employees, demonstrated through competitive salaries and benefits, and a mechanism for personal growth, self-help and wellness.
  • qualified physicians, recognizing their vital role in the provision of qualityhealthcare services.
  • providing a range of services to meet the health and wellness needs of areacitizens.
  • attractive, clean and safe facilities with modern technology.
  • open and effective communication.
  • sound business management principles and practices.
  • cooperative efforts with community services and other healthcare providersto improve the health status of area citizens.

A Brief History

The hospital developed a committee that included local clergy to investigate the hiring of a full-time clinically trained chaplain. Chaplain Wayne Nelson was selected as the Medical Center’s first chaplain. He began his ministry on April 18, 1983.

Assessing the needs of pastoral care, he recommended the establishment of a Northeast Georgia Medical Center Clergy Staff his first year. After much discussion, planning, and meetings with Administrative and Medical Staff, a Clergy Fellowship was created on September 25, 1984.

In the late 1970’s, Northeast Georgia Medical Center and community clergy felt a need to provide a more formalized program of pastoral care at the hospital. In 1979, a Volunteer Chaplain Program was developed. This was a program made up of local ministers who would be willing to be on-call for hospital.

The purposes of the organization are summarized as follows:

  1. To make available professionally accepted pastoral care to patients and families.
  2. To promote a good relationship between the clergy and the Medical Staff.
  3. To develop a continuing education program to enhance pastoral skills.
  4. To encourage clergy fellowship.

Chaplain Wayne Nelson and the Clergy Fellowship Executive Board worked to develop an expanded Volunteer Chaplain Program. This program is a vital part of the Clergy Fellowship organization.

Chaplain Wayne Nelson retired from the hospital in January of 1998. Chaplain Jeff Thompson began his ministry at the Medical Center that same month to continue the pastoral care ministry of Northeast Georgia Health System, Inc.

Presently the Department is served by three full-time chaplains, one part-time chaplain and a Department Secretary. We provide 24/7 chaplain coverage for the Medical Center. We do this through our chaplain staff, our Volunteer Chaplains, our Contract Chaplains and our CPE students.

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