Since 1951, the Medical Center’s volunteer program, known as the Northeast Georgia Health System Auxiliary, has been committed to involving dedicated volunteers in enhancing the services of the health system, and volunteers serving the health system have donated nearly 2.1 million hours of service and $8.96 million for the enhancement of medical services.

Our Reach

The Health System Auxiliary remains dedicated to enhancing services provided to patients and families served by NGHS.  Within the fiscal year 2020, 615 volunteers donated 46,500 hours of service, equivalent to 28 full-time employees and a value of over $1.2 million to NGHS.  At this time volunteer recruitment continues for those under 65 years of age and with no underlying health conditions.  To learn more about volunteer opportunities complete the brief volunteer interest form.

Gift Shops

The NGHS Auxiliary operates three gift shops within the health system.  Profits from the gift shops are donated by the Auxiliary to enhance services of NGHS.  The ongoing success of the shops is a result of dedicated volunteer salespeople and a team of volunteer buyers.  Please visit The Window Shop North or The Window Shop South at the Gainesville Campus or The Window Shop at the Braselton Campus. The Window Shops carry an assortment of gifts, flowers, plants, books, cards and other personal gift items for patients.  The Window Shop South at the Gainesville Campus currently features a nice selection of specialty items for women, infants and children. Gift Shop Volunteers gladly deliver gift packages, flowers or plants to patients.

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Join us in renewing or becoming a member of the Auxiliary today.  The NGHS Auxiliary is committed to helping improve the health of our community.  Since the Auxiliary’s inception in 1951, Medical Center volunteers have donated more than 2 million hours of service and $8.5 million for the enhancement of services provided by NGHS. With your support, the Auxiliary can continue to grow and successfully carry out its mission of helping to care for those in need of health care services.

For additional information on Auxiliary services, call 770-219-1830.

Membership Levels

  • Volunteer – $10
  • Supporter – $20
  • Friend – $100
  • Patron – $250 (Free ad in membership directory)
  • Life – $500 (One time payment)

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