Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)

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In those experiencing the final stages of heart failure, the heart is weakened to an extent that medical intervention is required to keep the body functioning. At Northeast Georgia Medical Center, some of these patients have access to left ventricular assist devices (LVADs), which can help ease the heart’s burden.

What does a LVAD do?

LVAD DeviceLVAD is a surgically implanted, battery-operated pump that helps the left ventricle of the heart pump blood to the body. It’s an option for those who need it to sustain them before a heart transplant and those who aren’t eligible for a heart transplant and need it to prolong life.

The device has a tube that pulls blood from the left ventricle into a pump, which then sends the blood into the aorta. This helps the weakened heart function. Another tube goes from the pump to the outside of the body through the abdominal wall. The external portion of the LVAD contains the battery and control system.

A Comprehensive Heart Failure Program

Northeast Georgia Medical Center has a well-established, multifaceted heart failure program. The Woody Stewart Heart Failure Treatment Unit is a 16-bed unit dedicated to the treatment of acute heart failure. Our cardiology team features heart doctors specially-trained to treat advanced heart failure patients.

Have Questions About LVAD?

If you'd like more information about LVAD options or whether you're a candidate for LVAD, please call 770-219-4663.

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