IRB Composition & Membership

G. NGHS IRB Composition and Membership

1. Selection

The membership shall be chosen for their expertise, diversity, and knowledge of institutional and community requirements and attitudes so as to promote respect for its decisions.

45 CFR 46.107(a)


2. IRB Membership

The NGHS IRB will be comprised of at least seven (7) voting members.

45 CFR 46.107(a)


Both racial and cultural diversity among members will be considered when making appointments.

45 CFR 46.107(a)


Both men and women will be on the IRB.

45 CFR 46.107 (b)


Both scientific and non-scientific areas will be represented.

45 CFR 46.107 (c)


The IRB will include at least one member who is not otherwise affiliated with NGHS.

45 CFR 46.107(d)


Physicians will account for at least two (2) members of the IRB.

 3. Alternate Members

At the time members for the IRB are appointed, alternate members are appointed for each type (Scientific and Non-Scientific) of IRB member. Prior to appointment, evaluations of the individual’s qualifications should be comparable to that conducted for board members. The alternate member will be expected to participate in orientation activities and to be familiar with NGHS IRB policies/procedures and processes.


4. Ad Hoc Members

Ad hoc members are non-voting participants and are appointed as institutional representatives to "interface" with other institutional units or to provide institutional information.

5. Tenure

The term of appointment for each member will be for two fiscal years (October 1 through September 30). Renewals of the two-year terms are staggered so as to give greater continuity to the IRB.

Members appointed to complete the term of another are appointed for the duration of that member’s term. Membership may also terminate on any of the following events:

a. Upon voluntary resignation of the member from the IRB,

b. Upon continuing failure to be prepared for meetings,

c. Upon failure to attend three consecutive meetings without notice to the IRB Coordinator or failure to maintain and attendance rate of 75% of scheduled meetings.

d. Upon IRB Policy a 2/3 vote of the IRB for any reason not listed above.


 6. Member Privacy

The names and occupations of members will be available upon request.

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