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Heart & Vascular Care at Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) brings together the foremost leaders and experts across all subspecialties of cardiology, cardiovascular & thoracic surgery, vascular surgery – and beyond. Our primary objective is to partner with you to deliver streamlined, multidisciplinary care as safely and efficiently as possible, ultimately ensuring the best patient outcomes and experience.

Whether you’re counting on NGHS for a consultation to confirm diagnosis, or your patient needs highly-specialized treatment for the most complex conditions affecting the heart or vascular system, our entire care team is committed to always providing the highest quality, cutting edge care.

Your partnership and collaboration is vital – that’s why we work to keep you informed while caring for your patients to ensure a coordinated approach and a positive experience.

About NGHS Heart & Vascular

NGHS has been leading the way in heart and vascular care throughout the Northeast Georgia region for decades – treating thousands of patients annually – and this level of advancement and excellence has only continued to grow.

As a system, NGHS’ Heart & Vascular Services encompasses a robust array of services, locations and resources. This includes four equipped and accessible hospitals throughout the region in Gainesville, Braselton, Barrow and Lumpkin.

It also includes the expertise of The Heart Center of NGMC, with specialties in non-invasive cardiology, advanced heart failure and transplantation, electrophysiology, interventional cardiology and structural heart, along with the surgeons of Northeast Georgia Physicians Group (NGPG) Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, and NGPG and Longstreet Clinic’s Vascular Surgery.  

Key Differentiators of NGHS Heart & Vascular

State-of-the-art facilities

NGMC Braselton and Gainesville house numerous cardiac catheterization labs, along with a robust array of diagnostic imaging modalities. Plus, in Gainesville, we have specially-designed operating rooms for cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries, along with a world-class Endovascular Operating Room.


It’s essential that receiving cardiovascular care is both quick and easy for patients. In addition to The Heart Center of NGMC’s 13 locations, we also offer direct online scheduling with 30+ cardiologists and video visits. When advanced imaging, inpatient care, procedures or surgery is needed, NGMC’s hospitals offer timely access to highly-trained clinical teams – 24/7.

Comprehensive services

From proven diagnostic services and precise cardiac imaging to life-saving angioplasty and minimally-invasive heart valve surgery, NGHS is equipped to provide the complete spectrum of heart and vascular services.

The Heart Center
NGPG Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery

With six fellowship-trained surgeons and eight advanced practice providers who perform more than 600 cases annually, we can effectively treat all valvular diseases, aneurysms, congenital heart diseases and blockages.

NGHS Vascular Care & Surgery

With nine fellowship-trained vascular surgeons and an entire team of specialists, NGPG’s and Longstreet Clinic’s vascular experts can treat the complete range of acute and chronic vascular diseases.

Cohesive care teams

To ensure that every patient receives personalized care, every subspecialty of our heart and vascular program has a specialized clinical team – led by fellowship-trained physicians and surgeons – focusing exclusively on a specific type of cardiovascular disease. Many of these specialized care teams have worked together for decades, which further increases their collaboration and efficiency. 

Clinical excellence

For years, NGMC has been known for its quality of care and success rates in treating thousands of cardiovascular patients every year. We strive for excellence in all aspects of patient care to ensure the best possible outcomes and reduce the risk of complications. This extends beyond scheduled or planned procedures and surgeries to encompass life-saving care during cardiac emergencies. NGHS was the first health system in the state to have hospitals designated as Emergency Cardiac Care Centers, meaning we’re equipped with all the processes, services and expertise needed to provide precise intervention as quickly as possible. Learn more about this designation.

Cardiology research

NGMC is considered a leader in conducting clinical research, especially in the field of cardiology – with more than 100 trials completed over the last 15 years. Our cardiology research is led by a team of dedicated nurses with backgrounds in critical care and cardiology. Currently, we are involved in approximately 30 clinical trials that encompass interventional cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, heart failure electrophysiology and cardiology treatment modalities. Learn more about Cardiology Research at NGMC.

Patient-centric care

Time and time again the comprehensive team of providers at NGMC has been known for their compassionate approach to care when it matters most. In addition to clinical expertise, our heart and vascular teams are committed to partnering with patients to ensure understanding and comfort. This includes our structural heart and VAD coordinators, both of which help patients navigate their care and organize next steps.

Our Approach to Heart & Vascular Care

Our leadership, physicians and surgeons understand what it takes to operate at the highest level, which ensures that we are fully invested in utilizing innovative technology and staying up to date with the newest and most advanced approaches to care.

Of course, this includes prioritizing research and clinical trials as key method of improving patient treatment, understanding disease pathophysiology and progressing heart and vascular care – now and into the future.

With highly-trained and established experts in nearly every heart and vascular specialty, we emphasize a multi-disciplinary approach to care that brings together diverse perspectives and provides comprehensive analysis and treatment for every patient. One example of this is NGHS’ Valve Clinic, where cardiologists, surgeons and advanced practice providers all review the health needs and risks of a structural heart patient patient to determine the safest, most effective course of treatment.