Cardio-Oncology Program

Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) assembled a multi-disciplinary team to provide specialized heart care to patients with cancer before, during and after treatment to help patients beat cancer while maintaining a healthy heart.

About the program

The Cardio-Oncology Program combines state-of-the-art cardiac imaging with best practices for early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of heart problems associated with cancer therapy to improve the quality of life for cancer survivors.

The cardiologists in the Cardio-Oncology Program collaborate with oncologists, radiologists and other specialists to gather information on your heart health before cancer treatment begins. This helps you choose the best cancer treatment option for you based on the condition of your heart and risk for heart disease. Your  physician also develops methods for shielding the heart from damage during treatment, monitoring the heart for signs the muscle is weakening, and helping you control your risk of heart disease after cancer therapy is complete.

Our physicians

The cardio-oncology physicians from The Heart Center of NGMC work closely with NGMC’s cardiac imaging and radiation oncology departments, Northeast Georgia Diagnostic Clinic’s oncology department and The Longstreet Clinic Cancer Clinic. They work collaboratively to coordinate your care and long-term follow-up.


  • Abhishek Gaur, MD
  • Elia Abboud, MD
  • Veerappan Subramaniyam, MD

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