About the NGHS Foundation

Because you care to improve the health of the community. 

Founded in 1986, the Foundation is led by a volunteer Board of Trustees and has contributed millions of dollars of support to health system improvements, community benefit programs and partner organizations. 

Because our donors care, we are building a healthier Northeast Georgia by:

  • Providing life-saving devices
  • Improving the odds of survival
  • Impacting lives sacred moments
  • Combating mental health and addiction issues
  • Helping others during their healthcare journey
  • Recognizing the excellent care our donors, or their loved ones, received
  • Enhancing innovation and capacity through capital improvements
  • Promoting technological advancements
  • Adding programs and improvements to services
  • Becoming lifesavers to our donors’ friends, families and neighbors – for generations to come.
Founder Nell Whelchel Wiegand

Meet Our Staff

Christopher Bray
President & Chief Development Officer
Staci Tunkel
Director, Foundation Operations
Mallory Abernathy
Database Specialist
Carey Baeumel
Fundraising & Events Specialist
Brian Bailey
Major Gifts Officer
Linda Collier
Executive Assistant
Karen Eggers
Donor Relations Officer
Maggie James
Sr. Major Gifts Officer
Nicole Papst
Annual Giving Officer
Cheryl Shippey
Major Gifts Officer
Carlie Jo Smith
Office Coordinator
Board of Trustees

Northeast Georgia Health System Foundation Board of Trustees:

  • Dr. Pepper Brown, Chair
  • Lynne Allen
  • Karen Baston
  • Neal Booth, Sr.
  • Chris Bray
  • Dr. Gary Dalley
  • Debbie Davis
  • Tony Funari
  • Dr. Jon Horn
  • Dr. Buddy Langston
  • Caryn McGarity
  • Scott McGarity
  • Dr. Rafael Pascual
  • Ricky Pugh
  • Rhonda Rogers
  • Josh Schlieman
  • Crystal Schlieman
  • Russell Smith
  • Chauntelle Steines
  • Ellen Toms
  • Zack Tumlin
  • Lee Highsmith

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