Care Philosophy

For Adults

Laurelwood’s adult mental health program emphasizes the individual, creating a therapeutic environment based on the individual’s needs and varying degrees of mental illness.The Inpatient program offers crisis stabilization for ages 18 and above. Our interdisciplinary team develops a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan for each patient.

The patient is an important part of his own treatment plan, helping set goals and identifying personal strengths that will lead him through hospitalization and into recovery.Other members of the team could include:psychiatric nurses, group therapists, activity therapists, social workers, the program coordinator and psychiatrist. The patient's family may be asked to participate in a family session.

Throughout the treatment process, patients participate in a consistent, structured program.The treatment team evaluates each patient’s progress toward his goals twice weekly.

For Adolescents

We believe in the individual worth of each adolescent and the need for expressions of affection and nurturing as well as consistent limit setting. We provide a highly structured program where most of the therapy takes place in a group setting due to the importance of the peer group during this stage of life. We also believe in an interdisciplinary team approach in helping the adolescent in setting goals and learning healthier coping skills. Family therapy is an essential part of the program since any problem that affects the child and adolescent affects the entire family

The inpatient program offers crisis hospitalization for adolescents ages 12 to 17, seven days a week. Adolescents are involved in a variety of group and activity therapies focusing on developing healthier coping skills. Because families play an integral role in treatment, they may be involved in family therapy sessions at least weekly and in a multi-family support group. During all levels of care, adolescents are able to continue with their school assignments. Laurelwood staff maintain a cooperative relationship with the school system to provide an educational component for all youth during treatment.

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