The Clergy Fellowship is governed by By-laws.  These help ministers understand the working relationship we have with the medical staff.   

1.    Northeast Georgia Health System, Inc. is committed to the philosophy of holistic care.  This approach seeks to understand and treat  human beings as whole persons.  Personhood has several dimensions.  These dimensions are interconnected and interrelated and when one dimension is hurting it affects the whole person.  We understand this holistic concept to include the physical, mental, emotional, social, vocational, recreational, and spiritual dimensions of life.

a.  It is the policy of the hospital to provide for the spiritual needs of the patients, families and staff in the context of holistic care.

b.  Northeast Georgia Health System, Inc. has provided a Department of Pastoral Care.  This Department shall work with and utilize the resource of the local clergy to meet the spiritual needs of the patients, families, and staff. 

2.    The Dawn McKibbon Memorial Chapel is located on the concourse between the North and South Patient Towers.  This is where patients and families may retire for quiet periods of devotion, prayer, or consultation with a minister.  Chapel services are held in the chapel on Sundays.

3. The role of the Clergy in holistic health care is welcomed and encouraged.

a.Clergy are invited to become part of the Northeast Georgia Health System,Inc. Clergy Fellowship. A web or written orientation program is provided for new members of this organization.

b.  A Clergy Fellowship ID Badge is available for each member.  Clergy Fellowship ID badges, while not required, can be helpful when visiting in restricted areas, such as the Critical Care Units, when visiting after visiting hours and when purchasing a meal from the cafeteria.

c.   Clergy visits are not restricted to regular hours.  However, it may not be appropriate to visit a particular patient at a particular hour.

d.    Visiting the sick is an important aspect of pastoral care.  However, because of the daily activity of patient care and the patients’ right to privacy please only visit persons from your congregation or friends and/or family connected with your congregation.  Visiting persons other than members or their immediate friends and/or family is not permitted unless requested by the patient, the patient’s immediate family, the Medical Staff, or the Department of Pastoral Care.  Random room-to-room visitation is not allowed.

e.   Religious literature can bring much comfort to those in the hospital.  Clergy are encouraged to bring religious literature to patients and family connected with their congregation.  However, religious literature is not to be distributed randomly in patients’ rooms, waiting rooms, or public areas.  The Pastoral Care Department makes available religious literature for the facility.

f.    The use of Scripture, prayer, religious rituals and sacraments with member patients (or others on request) is a vital means or ministry; however, these should be done with proper judgment given the critical setting.

g.    Visitation at Laurelwood is more restrictive and subject to the desires and needs of the patient.  A patient access code is required for entrance.

h.    Clergy Staff members are asked to conduct themselves with the highest ethical and professional standards in the performance of pastoral care. 

4. Suggestions, advice, constructive criticisms or complaints can the give to the Department of Pastoral Care or the Clergy Staff Executive Committee for consideration.

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