Visiting Guidelines

A photo ID is required to visit in all areas of Women & Children’s (W&C). A visitor badge will be provided at the reception desk on the first floor of the W&C Pavilion or the desk in the NICU waiting area. If there is no one at the desk, you will be directed to a camera box on the wall to the right of the double doors into the units. Press the round button and wait for a reply, provide your name and patient’s name you wish to visit and you will be given further instruction.

Labor & Delivery
Women in labor may receive a total of five visitors at any one time (this includes the baby’s father and any children). Please check in and out as visitors change. For c-section patients, only one adult support person is allowed in the OR and only two visitors in the PACU recovery area.

Bonding Hour
The first one hour after delivery is promoted as a special time for new parents and baby to bond. We encourage skin to skin contact with mother and breastfeeding. Staff will limit interruptions during this time, and we encourage visitors to also respect this very special time for the newborn and parents.

Visitors are welcome, but only one adult is allowed to spend the night.

Due to small space available, only two visitors are allowed at a time.

Visitors are welcome, however there is a mom & baby rest time from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. daily that we request visitors to observe to allow new mothers much needed rest. During a newborn hearing screen, all phones and TV must be quiet and talking limited for about 20 to 30 minutes. Only one adult may spend the night.

Parents are encouraged to visit as much as possible. Parents may designate up to four people who may visit without parents’ presence. Due to limited space, visitors are limited to two (2) at the bedside. For additional information, please call 770-219-1575.

Visitors are welcome but only one adult may spend the night under normal circumstances.

Children are welcome to visit when accompanied by an adult. Children may not be left unattended and should not be sick or have had a recent exposure to a communicable disease, especially chicken pox. NICU: All children must be age 15 or older to visit and must be one of the four people designated on the visitor list. NOTE: Children’s visitation on any unit may be restricted during flu season or as needed for patient safety.

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