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Robotic Angioplasty

Robotic Angioplasty

The Future of Heart Care is Already in Georgia!

Northeast Georgia Medical Center is the first and only hospital in Georgia offering robotic angioplasty.  That means when you or someone you love needs a stent or balloon to open up blocked arteries and restore blood flow to the heart, NGMC is the only hospital in the state that can offer physician expertise combined with robotic precision.

The Cardiac Catheterization Lab at NGMC features The CorPath® 200 System, the latest technology created by Corindus Vascular Robotics.  The system allows a cardiologist to sit at a control panel, operate a robotic arm to guide the catheter tube to the blockage in an artery, and remotely deploy a stent or balloon to restore blood flow -- all from behind a specially designed cockpit.

Advantages include:

  • Precise Movements -- Robotic-assisted control allows for precise and stable placement of stents and balloons.
  • Enhanced Visualization -- Monitors are moved closer to physicians, offering more detailed viewing and enhanced focus on the procedure.
  • New Possibilities -- In the not too distant future, the use of a robot could provide an extra set of extremely dependable hands, that don't get tired, to peform longer and more complex procedures.

Have questions or need more information robotic angioplasty procedure?  Call the Heart and Vascular Services department at or fill out a contact form.

Have questions or need more information?

Call the Heart & Vascular Services department at (770) 744-5515, or fill out a contact form.


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