Quest for Excellence

Quest for Excellence

Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) and Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) have received numerous awards including being recognized as: 

While we are extremely honored to receive those awards, we are more proud of our commitment to persistently improve in every way possible.  As NGHS continues to grow, we’re committed to keeping our focus on you and the care you receive.  We’re on what we call the “Quest for Excellence,” with the goal of creating exceptional patient experiences.

The Quest for Excellence is built on improving daily processes, everything from scheduling surgeries to cleaning patient rooms, by eliminating wasted time and effort.  We use two respected and proven management strategies, called “Lean” and “Six Sigma,” to improve those processes.


All members of our team, from front-line staff to physicians and administrators, participate in Quest for Excellence events.  That means people in all areas of your care have direct say in how to make your experience at NGHS the best it can be.  Do you have ideas about how we can make your experience better?  Don’t hesitate to tell a member of your care team!

Here are two key components in our Quest for Excellence:

  1. Health Information Exchange

    Technology is rapidly bringing information closer to you every day, and NGHS is working to give you and your physicians better access to your healthcare information as a partner in the Health Information Exchange (HIE).

    HIE is a national and statewide trend toward using the internet and secure systems to link doctors, hospitals, health systems and patients together.  The goal is to use tools, such as electronic medical records (EMR), to make your care more seamless by allowing you to decide to digitally share your medical information with people involved in all areas of your care.

    Let’s say you have an MRI of one of your arms at an imaging center which participates in HIE.  Two weeks later, you hurt the same arm and visit an emergency room for treatment.  You might not need a second scan at the ER if that emergency room also participates in HIE and you’ve approved the imaging center and emergency room to share your information.  The ER doctor could login to a safe, secure server to view the MRI you had two weeks ago, which saves you both time and money.  That’s just one example of how HIE could work for you.

  2. Infection Prevention and Control / Process Improvement

    NGHS has two departments – Infection Prevention and Control, and Process Improvement – which are dedicated to tracking patient care and reporting statistics to the proper agencies including:

Tracking and reporting these statistics allows us to compare ourselves to other hospitals and health systems across the country and ensure we’re among the best programs in the nation.
If you have any questions about NGHS' Quest for Excellence, please call Public Relations at 770-219-3840.

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