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Policies and Procedures

Room Assignments

Rooms are assigned by bed availability and need.  All rooms are private.

Smoking Policy

For the health and safety of all patients, we are a smoke-free facility.

The Environment

You may notice that our area does not look like a typical hospital setting. Instead, we've tried to create a more personal, home-like environment to make your time with us more comfortable. Also, most nurses and therapists will wear street clothes instead of uniforms; however, all personnel are required to wear name badges in plain view so you can easily recognize the staff.

Outside Food

Food from outside must be approved by the doctor and/or nurse. Offering patients food or drinks not approved may be very dangerous. Food in the patient's room must be stored in airtight containers.

Leaving the Unit

As a safety precaution, patients are asked to obtain clearance before leaving the unit and check in and out at the nurse's station.

Pain Management

You should expect to experience some degree of soreness and mild discomfort after you begin your therapy sessions, just as you would with any other exercise program. However, pain medication is not routinely given. If you experience pain, inform your nurse so she can see about obtaining medication. You will be able to participate in your therapies much more effectively if you are not in pain.

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