Parental Assurance Drug Screening

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Your teenage son comes home at 1 a.m. with blood-shot eyes, slurred speech and an unsteady walk. You confront him and directly ask him if he’s been using drugs. He denies it. What proof do you have?

Now parents can have positive proof with the Parental Assurance Drug Screen, a service provided by Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s Laboratory Services. The urine screen tests for use of cocaine, amphetamine, THC (marijuana), opiates (including synthetics) and phencyclidine, commonly known as PCP. The specimen can be collected at home or at the Medical Center’s Main Campus lab, an Urgent Care center or at a Northeast Georgia Physicians Group office. The specimen is then tested by the Medical Center’s Forensic Toxicology Lab, and confidential results are mailed to the parents in 24 to 48 hours.

Martin Porvaznik, Ph.D., director of the Medical Center’s Forensic Toxicology Lab, is available for phone consultations with parents about the results. The drug screen does not require a physician’s order, and the price is $40.00.

"This service is provided as a tool to help parents in their fight against adolescent drug use," says Jo Brewer, director of Laboratory Services at Northeast Georgia Medical Center. "The hope is that this drug screen will be a deterrent to teen drug use, as teens will know that their parents have a way of positively discovering if they do."

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