Woody Stewart Heart Failure Treatment Unit

Named for the late W. Woodrow “Woody” Stewart – who served as chairman of The Medical Center Foundation from 1998 – 2012, the advanced Heart Failure unit includes:

  • 16-bed unit designed for patient and family comfort
  • More efficient care, aided by a centrally-located nursing station and integrated state-of-the-art cardiac monitoring systems
  • Specially trained nursing staff
  • Advanced Heart Failure treatment and monitoring systems
    • This unit is the fourth unit in the nation to provide pulmonary artery monitoring outside of the critical care unit
  • The integrated and interactive Nathan-Schrage Education Center
    • Designed with optimal education and patient/family comfort in mind
    • Featuring a state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen and high tech video system to improve patient access to the education from their rooms or via smart phone
    • Daily chef demonstration of tasty heart healthy recipes
    • Skilled and knowledgeable Cardiac Nurse Educators who provide education on living and maintaining heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases

Heart Failure Services

Northeast Georgia Medical Center offers Heart Failure Support Services to both inpatients and outpatients with Heart Failure (HF), formerly called congestive heart failure. Our goal is to provide patients, as well as their family members/caregivers, with the education they need to understand the HF disease process, and then how to best manage their condition at home. The purpose of this is to prevent reoccurrence of symptoms and keep the HF patient feeling well at home.

Additionally, Heart Failure Support Services gives the patient support in the home. We provide at no charge, a telemonitoring service that checks on the patient for a 2 month period post discharge to help them as they adopt the HF guidelines that will keep them in good health: monitoring sodium and fluid intake, weighing every day, watching for signs and symptoms of HF and then acting accordingly, as well as being a resource for their HF and general health questions.

A new important service is the Diuresis Clinic at the Sam Jones Observation Unit. This is a service prescribed by a physician for the patient in volume overload, but can still be addressed in the outpatient clinic (as opposed to a full hospitalization or an ER visit).

For more information about Heart Failure Support Services, contact us by email.

Education Materials

"Living Life with Heart Failure" booklet
Click to download or view a .pdf copy of this complete resource guide, covering topics ranging from diet to exercise, that we give to all of our Heart Failure patients.

 "Una Vida con Insuficiencia Cardíaca" ("Living Life with Heart Failure" en Español)
Haga click para descargar o para ver una copia en un formato pdf de esta guía de recursos completo, cubriendo temas sobre la dieta hasta el ejercicio, el cual le brindamos a todos nuestros pacientes con insuficiencia cardíaca.

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