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Staffing Updates for NGHS Employees

Staffing Updates for NGHS Employees

Updated 10:07pm 2/12/14 

Below is important information for you to know today.  We will continue to keep you updated as there is new information to share:

  • Road Conditions Bad through Friday
  • Transportation on Campus
    • Security will not be available to provide transportation for staff.  If emergency transportation is needed, call the Incident Command Center at 770-219-2001 for direction to resources.
  • Sleeping Staff
    • Directors and managers are compiling a list of staff sleeping needs and sending that to Bed Placement.  Sleep assignments for tonight will be made after 5 p.m.​
  • Free Meal for Employees Working
    • We will provide one meal per day per employee free of charge in the South Tower Cafeteria for any employee working today.  Please go to the South Tower Cafeteria and tell the cashier you are using your free meal for the day so they will know to ring it up under a special cost code.  There is a $5 limit; any overage can be paid with cash or employee badge.​
  • Entertainment and Stress Relief
    • We will provide movies and refreshments today in Walters Auditorium.  Show times and movie listings:
      • 4:30 p.m. – The Internship
      • 8:30 p.m. – Man of Steel​
  • Linen Conservation
    • Please keep your linens for the duration of the winter storm event.  We do not have enough supply to issue staff replacement linen.  If you are coming in today, please bring linens from home.​​
  • Education Services
    • All classes -- including Paragon Super User Workshops, Licensed and Unlicensed Orientations, Tumor Board, Trauma Rounds, etc. -- are cancelled.
  • Prepare for Potential Power Outages
    • Please review the power protocols in your area in anticipation of power loss.  Make sure you have flashlights; additional batteries are available in the Incident Command Center.
  • Child Care
    • The Child Care Center has made arrangements to accommodate additional children due to school and child care closings around the area.  If you wish to place your child there during the inclement weather, please call Diane at 770-219-3906.
  • Employee Pharmacy
    • The Employee Pharmacy will be closed.
  • Volunteer to Help
    • Any staff who are free to help in patient care and support areas where can call the Incident Command Center at 770-219-2001.  They will deploy these volunteer resources where they are needed most.
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