Healing Hearts Stories

My wife, Patti, had open heart bypass surgery at NGMC in July 2011.  Looking back, we realize that Patti was sent to an extraordinary hospital.  We already knew NGMC was ranked #1 in Georgia for cardiac services and surgery, but that day we saw the reasons why.

We’re grateful to God for giving the doctors, nurses and clinical support staff the wisdom and skills to do their work.  And, we’re grateful for the foresight of those who made the Ronnie Green Heart Center a reality. It’s amazing that the first open heart surgery was performed there only 10 years ago.
Congratulations, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart and my wife’s mended heart!
Billy Chism, Publisher/Editor of White County News
Three years ago, my mother had to have a valve replaced.  Without your care and help, I'm sure she would not be with us today.  THANKS, very much.
Dwight Fry - Cleveland, GA, 08/12/12
Last August, both of my arms started hurting and felt like they each weighed 100 lbs.  I was at home by myself,  and I thought the pain might stop if I went outside to get some air.  The next thing I knew, I was on the ground and having a heart attack.  I reached for my phone and called 911.  In those few moments before help arrived, I remember the sun was beating down in my face.  It was hot, and I didn't know if I was going to make it.

The ambulance got me to NGMC really fast, and a room full of people started working on me.  Dr. Dupont put three stents in me and saved my life.  I got two more stents during a follow-up visit in September, and I now have a total of five stents that are the only reason I'm here today.  If not for God and the hospital, and the doctors and staff, I would have died.  I'm forever thankful and will always live close to NGMC.
Leslie Ratliff - 8/12/12
I was one of Dr. Siegfried and Dr. Winston's first patients back in December of 2002.  I had triple bypass surgery.  Today I have a strong heart, excellent health and a joyful outlook upon life.  Thanks to all of the staff at the Ronnie Green Heart Center for extending my life.  My wife Gail and I send God's blessing to you all.
Burton Longwell - Cleveland, GA, 8/13/2012

Back on November 5, 2010, a series of cardiac pet scan results showed that I had an artery that was not pumping enough blood to my heart, so my cardiologist had me undergo an angioplasty to clear the blockage in one of my coronary arteries.

The angioplasty saved my life.  If I didn't have this particular procedure, I was facing the possibility of having bypass surgery, but the angioplasty worked!

Danny Michael Rolfe - Braselton, GA, 10/13/2012
Without your help, and my pacemaker, I would not have been here to continue my work as a minister of music.  Thank you for giving me back my life.  I am still here and thankful to you and God at age 78!
William Parish, 8/15/2012
I had a minor heart attck in April 2012 followed by a major STEMI two weeks later.  Fortunately my wife called 911 during the second one, and EMS arrived within minutes and began treating me and relaying my information to NGMC.  We soon arrived at the Emergency Room and, within minutes, the Cath Lab was ready for me.  I had a 100% blockage due to a blood clot.  They cleared it and inserted a stent.  From onset to treatment in the Cath Lab was right at an hour.

The care I received there, in The Ronnie Green Heart Center and floor 3E as I recovered was excellent.  I soon began Cardiac Rehab, and today I feel 100% better.  I am healthier, and my latest heart checkup shows I escaped with very minor damage to my heart.  We are truly blessed to have such a fine facility and staff here in Gainesville, and I am thankful everyday for them!
Stephen Stevers, 9/12/12
Two years ago, my father had triple-bypass surgery at NGMC.  This was completely unexpected, and our whole family was in shock.  What helped us get through was the caring staff of the hospital.  The doctors saved his life . . . but the nurses, aides, and countless others helped us -- his family -- more than they will ever know.

According to my father's last angiogram, his heart is still as strong as ever.  Thank you just doesn't seem like enough to say.
Lynn, 9/24/12
I'm from Maryland, but I recently saw a cardiologist at NGMC while visiting Gainesville for my daughter's college graduation. A trip to the cath lab discovered seven major blocked arteries. I had bypass surgery and was sent home four days later.

I owe my life to your doctors, nurses and staff. All of your folks were miracle workers for me. My hat is off to you, and my heart is full of thanks for you.
A very thankful patient
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